Its probably safe to say that regardless of a normal workout schedule, we could all use a bit more exercise and activity in our lives. This is especially true for all of the nine to five office workers here in Downtown SF, who we see come into the office complaining of back and neck pain on a regular basis. Although there is only so much we can do to limit inactivity at our desk jobs, there are plenty of other options that not only get us moving, but also help us take advantage of the upcoming warm summer months ahead.

Get Out During Your Lunch Break

One of the worst things we can do for our body is eat lunch at your desk. If we think about it, we are allotted breaks at work so we can “break” up the monotony of the daily grind. That being said, why spend breaks at the same place all the work gets done? Downtown SF provides plenty of outdoor spots to enjoy lunch outside, like along the Embarcadero or Market St. A quick walk outside to enjoy your lunch not only helps break up the normal routine, but also gives us a nice bit of exercise to help mitigate the effects of sitting at a desk for hours on end.

Bike To Work

Those of us lucky enough to live within biking distance of work should definitely take advantage and skip taking public transportation to work. Biking to and from work provide an excellent opportunity to turn the daily headache that is commuting into a chance to burn a few extra calories. It also doesn’t hurt that San Francisco was recently rank as the third most bike friendly city in the US. That being said bikers in Downtown SF do need to be extra careful given the added risks involved with sharing the road with cars, but giving SF residents the chance to skip the long waits and crowded Muni buses and rail cars is a massive upside.

Go For A Swim at Aquatic Park

Given how condensed everyone is here is in San Francisco, public pools are few and far between. This is especially true for folks living the bigger apartment buildings and condo complexes in the Lower Nob Hill and SOMA districts. Fortunately, residents can look no further than Aquatic Park, sitting adjacent to the ever-popular Fisherman’s Warf. Aquatic Park’s man-made lagoon provides a great place to get out and take a quick dip in the bay, as well as a beach and seawall area perfect for sunny afternoon picnics.

Join a Dodgeball Team

For those looking to participate in some sort of team sport but are turned off by how serious pick-up games of basketball or soccer can get, check out some of the adult dodgeball leagues in the city. We all have fond memories playing dodgeball as kids, why not recapture that fun while burning a few calories as well? It also provides an opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships, perfect for anyone who recently moved to the city. Check out the website for more info on how to register and participate.

Try Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is an awesome, low impact workout that simultaneously develops strength and promotes flexibility. An added benefit is that you can practice yoga almost anywhere; the office, home, or the park. Outdoor Yoga SF offers guided yoga classes at several well-known locations around the city, like Fort Mason, Chrissy Field, and Golden Gate Park. You can drop by at any of the classes to enjoy a relaxing workout while enjoying San Francisco’s best outdoor attractions.

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