If you have a condition known as frozen shoulder, you know that it’s both painful and limiting. Chinese medicine refers to frozen shoulder as a “50-year shoulder” because people tend to get the condition in middle age. Here is what you need to know about frozen shoulder as well as several natural remedies for its treatment, one of them being acupuncture.

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a common term for a medical condition called adhesive capsulitis. This occurs when there is thickening and contracting of the capsule, which is the connective tissue surrounding the bony structures of the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder is usually accompanied by pain, restricted movement, and stiffness in the shoulder joint.

This painful disorder often affects people over the age of 40 and tends to occur in women more than men. Some diseases can increase a person’s incidence of frozen shoulder. Among these are thyroid diseases and diabetes. Injuries, such as a rotator cuff tear, can also cause frozen shoulder. Some frozen shoulder disorders will resolve in time, but that could take months or as long as three years. Many patients prefer to seek relief and curative measures with natural remedies.

Natural Remedies for Frozen Shoulder

Because surgery and drugs have their own risk factors associated with treatment, natural remedies have become a popular choice for treating many common disorders. Some of the natural remedies for frozen shoulder include:

  • Stretching and Exercises – Stretching and exercise are both excellent ways to treat a frozen shoulder. The best stretching exercise is the doorway stretch. Stand in a doorway and extend both hands at shoulder height, then lean slightly forward to stretch the subscapularis. Gentle exercise might include yoga and work with extremely light weights.
  • Nutritional Supplements – Instead of taking prescription medications, there are some nutritional supplements that can help with a frozen shoulder. For example, Elakizhi can help improve shoulder movement as well as reduce pain. Another pain reliever is Turmeric Curcumin paste applied to the affected area. Also, black sesame seeds soaked in water overnight can produce a pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing paste.
  • Massage Therapy – When you have a painful shoulder condition, massage therapy can often help to alleviate both pain and stiffness. Two methods to investigate are hot stone massage and aroma massage therapy.
  • Hot and Cold Therapy – Both hot and cold therapies can help to reduce the pain and stiffness associated with frozen shoulder. If there is swelling, use cold therapy first such as an ice pack. Heat can be applied through a heating pad or microwave pad, but avoid using heat for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Using Acupuncture to Treat Frozen Shoulder

One of the most effective natural remedy treatments for a frozen shoulder condition is acupuncture therapy. A trained acupuncturist can effectively treat frozen shoulder in several ways. Acupuncture can help release trigger points in the subscapularis through the insertion of acupuncture needles directly into the affected muscle. Another method is to insert needles away from the pain site which might influence pain in that part of the body.

If you have a frozen shoulder condition, it’s best to avoid painkillers, cortisone shots, and invasive surgery. Instead, try natural remedies for frozen shoulder like acupuncture and stretching to relieve pain and promote long-term healing.

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