Brian G.
Best decision I’ve ever made coming to Conscious Chiropractic and Acupuncture. The level of care is absolutely outstanding. Victoria’s knowledge in the field of Chiropractic Medicine is the best I’ve ever encountered. Her ability to explain her techniques in a way that’s understandable and you can feel her sincerity and positivity. I am extremely grateful for Victoria and will continue to be a patient.

Grace L.
More than awesome

Linda F.
A very soothing healing experience in a very quiet serene environment.Dr Reyzelman is very knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs. She targeted every ache on my first visit.

Eric G.
I’ve experienced tremendous healings with conscious chiropractic. Great location and office ambiance.

Eric G.
Transforming healings. Great location and office

Eric G.
Transformative healings in a great setting and location

Barbara K.
This was my first visit. I appreciate the time Dr Reyzelman spent with me. Her explanations of what she was doing was clear and informative. I appreciate the time she took to work with me. I felt my visit was thorough. I look forward to continue working with her.

Eric G.
Very healing and transformative treatment. Great setting and location

Munhwa L.
A wonderful experience with her

Regina T.
Seeing Traci is my favorite thing that I do for my holistic health. I’ve been seeing her for over a year now and every appointment has been so healing in a very wide range of ways. She’s healed different types of acute pain in a single session on a number of occasions in this year. The best!

Vania E.
This was an experience that exceeded my expectations! I am equipped with more knowledge about my body such as the circulatory system and how the brain functions. I’m looking forward to this healing journey with Victoria and Traci. I’m eternally grateful!

Natalija D.
Very positive experience with extremely caring doctor.

Clark D.
Very good.

Steve K.
Very professional and knowledgeable.

Monara D.
Dr. Reyzelman is amazing!

Eric G.
My first visit doing chiropractic was very stimulating. Looking forward to continue the process

Fhelica N.
My body so needed a complete realignment today and the Doctor always delivers.

Grace L.
Dr. Victoria Reyzelman and her team care about her patients and have taken care of my aches and pain for almost 2 decades!

Liz M.
Victoria is the best!

Grace L.
I cannot thank Victoria and Conscious Chiropractic enough for all the care they have given me over the years. It is an amazing healing place.

Richard H.
Amazing so thorough Very caring – I was afraid of how aggressive chiropractors are however she reassured me that she was going to be gentle with adjustments -i am positive she will take care of me and this back pain will get better

Monjia B.
My quality of life has improved since my first visit with Dr. Victoria Reyzelman in February of 2021. Pain from compressed spinal disc and strained muscles left me often irritated. I’ve noticed a gradual change in mobility, sleep, and energy from Dr. Victoria Reyzelman’s holistic technique. She truly cares about your overall well-being; and seeks feedback to further target problematic areas you may have. She is the only doctor I’ve seen in 10 years that has tapered off doctor visits due to my progressive response to treatment within three months. I am excited about getting back to activities I use to enjoy like dance with my newfound strength. Thank you Dr. Victoria Reyzelman.

Michelle C.
Dr. Victoria Reyzelman is the best around. She is very knowledgeable in her practice and I wouldn’t trust going anywhere else in regards to my back issues.

Christine T.
I have known Dr Reyzelman for 2 years and this review is overdue… She is the best chiropractor I know, and I have tried several chiropractors in my life. She is really knowledgeable with tremendous medical experience. What is really special about Dr Reyzelman is her holistic approach and kindness. She treats her patients holistically (physically, mentally and emotionally). Also as I mentioned, she is not only really kind, but an amazing human being, with great compassion and understanding of human kind. I am really grateful to have met Dr Reyzelman in my life.

Grace L.
My aching body have well taken care of by Dr. Reyzelman, Traci Kanzawa and their expert team at Conscious Chiropractic for more than a decade. They are part of my extended family and have helped me through sick and pain, from chronic backpain to serious illness. I am truly grateful to have them as part of my care team.

Linda Z.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Reyzelman for many years, and her care is always excellent. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m no longer working downtown so had been seeing Dr. Reyzelman less frequently in recent months. My body was complaining, especially my back and knees. One treatment with Dr. Reyzelman already made a big difference! She also gave me stretching and walking tips to help me stay stronger and more limber. Now I know I can’t neglect getting regular adjustments with Dr. Reyzelman.

Aislin O.
Dr. Reyzelman is great, easy to book in with and my back always feels so much better after I visit her.

Michelle M.
Victoria is the best!

Rocio G.
Victoria is detailed oriented and pays attention to every part of my body!

Kathleen H.
Incredible!! I cannot recommend Dr. Reyzelman enough. I’ve been seeing her for the past three months and have noticed a substantial shift in my body, and overall sense of wellness since she’s started adjusting me. As a runner, I have a lot of joint pain that she’s been able to ameliorate pretty much entirely since I’ve started coming in – which has been game changing for me. She is beyond attentive to any physical issues that I have, extremely compassionate, and her adjustment technique is so precise and accurate. She’s a miracle worker, and I seriously feel renewed every time I leave her office. Beyond thankful for her and her staff, and would definitely recommend!

Aislin O.