Last Sunday, 111.9 million people across the world tuned in to Super Bowl 50, which was held just hour down the peninsula in Santa Clara. With all of the festivities and excitement that surrounded the game, especially with “Super Bowl City” being so close to our offices, we started thinking about how many people will be plopped in front of their TV watching the game and how that can affect us.

In a 2004, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia studied the effects that spending eight weeks in bed had on a group of 19 men. Researchers noticed that as a result of the inactivity, the muscles in the volunteers’ lower back had weakened significantly and the spine had become increasingly unstable. Interestingly enough, doctors noticed the same signs in patients who at a desk or in front of the TV for several hours a day. Essentially, parking yourself in front of the couch for extended periods could have the same effect on the body as lying in bed all day.

Researchers were surprised to discover that lower back muscles of the volunteers had for the most part been “switched off”, providing no support and making the spine work overtime. Its this kind of stress that can throw the spine out of alignment and cause discomfort. To put it bluntly, a sedentary lifestyle can cause your body to waste away. One of best ways to prevent ailments is to simply get moving. Getting regular exercise and doing what whatever necessary to limit time spent sitting or lying down will do wonders for your back. No more couch potatoes in 2016!

Chiropractic adjustments can an incredible tool for people looking to get off the couch and kick-start their health. While working towards strengthening those muscles in the lower back, your spine will more than likely fall out of alignment and cause some considerable pain. Here a Conscious Chiropractic, we provide every patient with a full, in-depth structural examination in order to identify the underlying source of the pain and determine the best treatment options to correct it. With proper alignment reestablished, our patients can get back to their normal exercise routine and back on the road to a stronger and healthier body.

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