Initial Examination

Chiropractic treatment always includes an initial physical examination that takes approximately 40 minutes and includes a complete orthopedic and neurological evaluation. Sometimes this exam reveals symptoms that in the doctor’s judgment warrant a referral to another specialist for additional evaluation. Additionaly, though the majority of straightforward musculoskeletal conditions do not require such testing, your doctor may decide that blood labs, X-rays, MRI, CT scan, thermography, Doppler or other diagnostic tests are advisable. In the event testing or referral is required, Dr. Reyzelman will refer to someone whom she knows as the best in their field; and she will continue to monitor and coordinate your overall case.

Report of Findings

After the exam is completed and the results of any tests have been received, Dr. Reyzelman will provide you with a report of findings. This essentially is a clear explanation of your specific case, condition, treatment options and prognosis. This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have in order to clearly and fully understand your treatment plan.

Beginning Treatment

Chiropractic treatment will usually consist of chiropractic manipulation (an ‘adjustment’). During this procedure, you may feel or hear popping, which is caused by the release of pressurized Nitrogen gas being released from synovial joints. Often present in synovial joints, Nitrogen gas becomes increasingly pressurized when such joints are restricted from normal motion. The delivery of a specific force, in a particular direction, at a given speed can release the pressure.

Chiropractic treatment may also include one or more of several physiotherapeutic modalities. The doctor may induce passive or active ranges of motion using techniques of flexion distraction on a motorized table, manual and/or mechanical traction, heat in the form of hydrocolator packs, diathermy or ultrasound, cryotherapy, TENS, Microcurrent, hydrotherapy, and others. When appropriate, topical pain analgesic supplements may be given to facilitate use of a chosen technique.

As a total wellness provider, Conscious Chiropractic & Acupuncture offers you opportunities to become involved in your own healthcare beyond the specific pain or discomfort which may have initially brought you to see us. We often instruct patients in home and health club exercise, stretching and strengthening programs designed to optimize biomechanical movement. Fitball, Theraball, and Therabands are often used to enhance core muscle strength and flexibility. Feldenkries method and other non-force techniques allow joints to experience full range of motion without placing additional strain upon them.

Dr. Reyzelman is well versed in strength and endurance training involving free weights and fitness machines; and she often works with personal trainers to design specific programs for athletes and patients. Cardiovascular and flexibility training are important adjuncts to any fitness program.

Diet and nutrition often complete the general wellness profile given to a patient. However, complex cases due to prior injury, or competitive athletic performance cases, may include additional integrative therapies or wellness components.

Treatment Plan

There is no single treatment plan that is appropriate for all new patients. Dr Reyzelman will discuss her recommendations and explain the reasons for the specific treatment plan she has prescribed for you. As your goals are the most important, we will work together to create a health solution that will accommodate your lifestyle constraints and goals.

In general, the overall goal of our wellness spa is to help healthy individuals maintain optimum health. Frequency of wellness care required can vary dramatically from person to person. For example, a competitive professional athlete may desire weekly treatment during the sporting season. A generally fit 25 year old with a consistent lifestyle may only return to the office three or four times a year; however, that same 25 year old during snowboarding season may be in the office every Monday morning! People with desk jobs in their 40’s or 50’s may desire more regular treatment to prevent discomfort. Someone with a chronic medical condition may need weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments to feel at their best.

Many people initially come to our office seeking pain relief due to an injury or chronic pain syndrome. These individuals will often undergo a more concentrated initial treatment plan, typically for no longer than 6-8 weeks. Once they have healed, our hope is that patients opt to go further by actively choosing to pursue wellness care. Regardless of the choice, without any judgment, Conscious Chiropractic & Acupuncture exists to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals.