If you are a tech or finance professional in San Francisco, you understand all too well the pressure and stress that is associated with your chosen career. A survey of more than 3,000 professionals found that nearly half of IT workers are experiencing job burnout. This stress is triggered by such factors as feeling understaffed, insecurity as related to the job and low levels of exercise. For financial professionals, stress levels are at higher levels in the face of difficult economic conditions, higher workloads and lower levels of morale.

In the face of these higher levels of stress being experienced by both IT and financial professionals in particular, the benefits of acupuncture come into focus as a viable solution for stress relief. Here is some information on how acupuncture may play an important role in reducing stress.

The Importance of Creating a Proper Work/Life Balance

It is important to strike a balance between the stress related to a financial or tech profession and relaxation. The constant hustle and bustle of work can lead to serious if not fatal health risks, which can be ameliorated by learning when to disconnect and by seeking cures that bring your body and mind into a harmonious union. Acupuncture is time-tested and highly effective means to achieve better balance by lowering stress levels and promoting relaxation.

How Acupuncture Reduces Stress

Stress is a natural condition often associated with jobs that are fast-paced or that require you to remain wired and connected at almost all times. Unfortunately, high levels of stress over a sustained time period can lead to serious health conditions. These include obesity or increased body weight, higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression and a host of other diseases and medical conditions.

Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective method in helping people deal with stress. There are several studies, which extol the positive relationship between acupuncture and stress relief.  If you are feeling the effects of a hectic work life related to the work you do and the pressures of being in an urban environment, it may be beneficial to explore how acupuncture may be what you need to lower your stress levels.

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