People often don’t realize how foot health affects their quality of life until every step they take causes pain. Whether the pain stems from an accident, plantar fasciitis, or another common cause doesn’t matter nearly as much as finding lasting relief. Unfortunately, typical treatments such as steroid injections and wearing special shoe inserts often bring only a temporary reduction in foot pain. In recent years, more foot pain sufferers have turned to alternative therapies such as acupuncture to get the help they need.

Exploring the Common Causes of Foot Pain

With a total of 38 bones, the foot contains more bones, tendons, and ligament than any other part of the human body. The feet withstand enormous pressure every day just through normal acts of walking, standing, and running. One of the leading causes of foot pain is improper footwear. The feet simply don’t receive the support they need in high heels, boots, and similar types of shoes.

Other common causes of foot pain include exercise, overuse, and health conditions such as diabetic neuropathy or hammertoes. The good news is that supportive shoes and treatment with acupuncture can return the feet to normal and pain-free functioning.

How Ancient Chinese Medical Practitioners View Pain

In Chinese tradition, the occurrence of pain means that the person’s energy level, also known as qi, has stagnated. Traditional Eastern practitioners believe that energy runs along different channels in the body. When something blocks an energy channel, also known as a meridian, the person experiences pain. Bruising is an example of a blocked energy channel near the surface of the skin. Conditions like arthritis occur due to a stagnation of qi inside of the joints.

Acupuncture is the practice of placing tiny needles at the origination point of the pain. This helps to increase blood flow and return qi levels to normal by breaking up the existing blockages. When it comes to foot pain, this treatment has shown greater effectiveness than traditional Western treatments such as taking prescription medication.

Electroacupuncture has show especially good results in the treatment of chronic foot pain. In this practice, a practitioner passes a small electrical current through two needles before inserting them into the patient’s foot. The patient does not experience any discomfort because the needles are as thin as a human hair. In addition to reducing inflammation, this method helps to increase the normal flow of blood to the ankle, foot, and lower leg.

The Benefits of Choosing Acupuncture for Relief of Chronic Foot Pain

Acupuncture is a natural approach to pain relief that doesn’t come with the possibility of side effects as prescription medication does. Even when people try other natural remedies such as physical therapy and applying ice or creams to the painful area, they may fail to be effective after a while. Acupuncture, on the other hand, may permanently reduce pain by more than 50 percent. People who are interested in checking out this option should try an online search for a local practitioner or ask for a referral from family and friends who have undergone this therapy in the past.

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