Many people that experience back pain get slight of relief when they crack it. This is a common practice but it is also one that draws some criticism from those who are not truly up to speed on the subject. When you understand the truth about cracking your back and the effects that it has on your body, you will be able to make a conscious decision on your own as to whether to do it or not.

When most people crack their back, they do so to relieve some tightness or stiffness that exists in the area. It often does so effectively, albeit temporarily. Before we discuss the specific effects of cracking your own back, it’s important for you to recognize that your back should not feel that way in the first place. A healthy back is one that is going to be loose and comfortable. If you feel the need to crack your back on occasion or on a regular basis, you really need to ask yourself what is leading to that tightness and stiffness. The same is also true if you have a stiff or sore neck and crack it regularly. This could be very dangerous if it is done improperly.

The way that most people crack their back is to stretch or twist, which causes the joints in the back to pop, creating the sound that you hear. Some people argue that cracking your back is going to lead to arthritis. Although that is a common thought, it is not true. Studies have shown that there is no additional danger of causing problems with arthritis when cracking your back, although if you are cracking it in the wrong way you certainly could cause additional pain and discomfort. The spine is a very intricate part of the human body, so you must be cautious anytime you are manipulating it.

You are probably wondering why your back feels better after you crack it. It has to do with the gases that exist in the membranes between your vertebre. When you crack your back, you release that gas which in turn, releases the pressure that is in the area. That is why many people who crack their back feel as if it is looser and they are able to move freely. Unfortunately, cracking your back in this way only provides a temporary relief for the situation. The gases return and eventually, your back is feeling stiff and tight again.

Although it may feel good to crack your back, you do need to be cautious. If you are cracking it in the wrong way or if you twist improperly, you could be doing more harm than good. This can lead to serious consequences including slipped or herniated discs. If you are having a difficulty with your back and it feels stiff on a regular basis, it is better for you to speak to a chiropractor. They are the one that is qualified to crack your back properly and to provide you with the relief that you need which is more permanent in nature.

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