Anyone who works or lives in San Francisco can tell you that cycling is a huge part of the city’s culture. From the 9 to 5’ers that bike from the train or ferry to office, to the scores of folks who storm up Market Street every month for Critical Mass. Cycling can be an incredibly fun and physically rewarding hobby, although it can do a number on your body. One of the best ways to combat the stress it puts on your body is through regular visits to a massage therapist.

Lower Back Pain

One of the most common musculoskeletal issues cyclists will complain of is lower back pain. One look at one’s body position while riding and you will see why! With the lower back in a constant, forward flexed position, a cyclist puts a heavy amount of strain on the lower back extensors, hip flexors, and sciatic nerve. Tight, shortened hamstrings, a byproduct of heavy cycling, can also factor heavily in lower back pain. Deep tissue and myofascial release techniques can do wonders in loosening these muscle groups and taking pressure off your lower back.

Upper Back/Neck Pain

Along with your lower back, the upper back and neck are arched and forced into an awkward position while riding. Also, with most of your upper body weight resting chest muscles, cyclists have been known to experience shortness in breath that can be mistaken for cardiovascular issues. In fact, tight chest muscles can restrict deep breaths and limit performance. A massage therapist can target these areas and limit the discomfort and stiffness related to the issues.

If muscle tightness and pain are keeping you off your bike, feel free to give us a call and or visit our massage therapy page to learn more about our services.

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